168 | To Lord Barrington

    Castle William Oct 30th 1762

    My Lord

    I have the pleasure to inform your Lordship that my eldest Son arrived here safe on Tuesday last. He received your Lordships favor with a letter to Mr Clevland637 to procure him a passage in a Man of War: but a Ship ready to sail for NYork offering, he thought it best to save time by going on board her. On this side the Madeira he shifted himself on board a Ship bound for this port & came directly hither. I fear I am blamed by my friends in England for engaging him in such a Voyage merely for a Visit as they may call it: But I see it in a stronger light. It has seemed to me absolutely necessary at this most critical time of his life to explore his genius, so as to direct his studies & farther pursuits to proper objects. Parts He by no means wants, & he has hitherto not being deficient in acquiring such learning as has belonged to him: but judgement in choosing his Walk of life & steadiness in keeping in it he has Still to gain. To settle this & to initiate him in Mathematicks he has still to gain. To settle & Natural Philosophy, so as to make those studies pleasing to him, will be our business for the 9 or 10 Months in which I propose he shall stay here.__

    In some of my former letters638 I mentioned to your Lordship the grant of the Island of Mount desart made by the Assembly to me in consideration of extraordinary expences & Services. I find the confirmation of it is like to labour, from the Lords of Trade not being at present inclined to allow the lands on the East side of Penobscot Bay to belong to the province of Massachusets Bay, altho’ thier Right to it has heretofore been formally admitted in pursuance of the Opinion of the Atty & Soll’ general, Be that as it will, I perceive that the litigation of this Question, if it is carried to its full lenght, will be very tedious & very warm. And therefore I am Very desirous of getting my business exempted from it, which I think may be done by giving it a new Turn by making a little change in the terms of my Application for the Kings confirmation. I must not conceal from Your Lordship, that this Island is a great object to one who has such a Number of young children as have fallen to our lot; & therefore must not be lost for want of any pains of mine or any assistance I can procure from my friends, I shall endeavour to avoid giving your Lordship unnecessary trouble: when it cannot be spared I know you’1 excuse it

    I am &c

    The Right Honble The Lord Viscount Barrington

    L, LbC BP, 2: 221-223.