137 | To William Shirley

    Castle William July 19th 1762


    I am Just now dispatching the Schooner good intent William Witty master express to Admiral Pocke ^Pococke^ with advice that a French Fleet has taken St. Johns in Newfoundland. As I can’t get a Pilot to carry her thro’ the Bahama Islands, I have orderd him to go directly to New Providence there to get a Pilot for the Havanah or wherever Adml. Pocke ^Pococke^ or the commander in chief is And I must beg of your Excell[e]ncy to order him to be forwarded with all possible expedition.

    The French fleet is supposed to be the same that attempted the relief of Martineco. It’s said to consist of about 8 ships 5 of which are of the line: but only 4 Ships Attacked st. Johns, the other four it is said took Placentia at the same time. The land forces are from 1500 to 3000 They use the people that remain very well & seem determined to keep Possession. The fishery is entirely broke up & all the Settlers South of St. Johns except what have been prevented, have left the Country. The whole Coast is very much alarmed.

    I am with great regard Sr.

    His Excy Lieut Genl. Shirley.

    L, LbC BP, 2: 163.