251 | To Thomas Gage

    Boston Dec 15. 1763


    I have just received yours of the 6th inst.960 I shall have an opportunity of laying your requisition before our Assembly next week & shall recommend it by all means in my power. It would contribute a good deal to the Success of the motion for me to be made acquainted with what the Colony of Connecticut will do on this occasion; for I suppose Our Assembly will expect to be informed of the resolutions of that Colony before they form their own.961

    The Principal Objection to this Armament I apprehend will be that when this Province has been engaged in War with the Indians in the Eastern Country, they received no assistance from the Colonies South of them. Indeed I dont know that they ever requested it: If so, there will be less force in this objection. Another Consideration will interfere in this business, which is that I find myself obliged to ask the Assembly for 200 men to march into the Eastern parts of this Province to keep the Indians there in awe: for I have certain advise that they have been solicited to rise; & I have just received fresh advise of the french having imported Warlike stores into the river St Lawrence, the particulars of which I will send you in the Words as they come to me. This expedition will affect your demand no otherwise than in Numbers: for the Assembly will expect that what Men they raise to send to the Eastward shall be reckoned in their proportion of Men, which is but reasonable, as they are raised upon account of the same War.

    Upon the whole I will forward this business in the best manner I can; but I cannot at present promise any thing more than my best endeavours to promote the Service.

    I am, with great regard, Sr your most obedient humble Servant

    Fra Bernard

    His Excellency Genl Gage

    ALS, RC Gage.

    FB presented Gage’s request for seven hundred men to the assembly on 21 Dec., but the House suspended consideration until a committee had been able to evaluate the strength of the garrisons in Massachusetts’s frontier forts. Later, FB presented Gage’s letter of 6 Dec. 1763 (No. 249) and Lord Halifax’s letter of 19 Oct. 1763 (No. 238) to the assembly on 18 Jan. 1764, requesting that he be allowed to call out the militia or raise as many new troops as Gage required. To FB’s chagrin, the assembly refused. JHRM, 40: 118-119, 245, 261-263.