253 | To John Pownall

    Boston Decr. 17. 1763

    Dear Sir

    I have received their Lordships commands that a more punctual transmission of papers from this Province to their Office may be observed.964 I have made an enquiry into this matter & cant find out the neglect chargeable upon us. The Secretary sends the Acts of each Session exemplyfied under the great Seal, & the journal of the house of Representatives as soon as they come from the press: he sends also duplicates of them. He sends the proceedings of the general Court which includes the journal of the Council in their legislative Capacity & my consent & dissent to the resolutions, as also the Minutes of the Council in their executive capacity every year at the determination of the general Court. The Treasurers Accounts are sent as soon as they are passed. The Naval Officer says that He sends his Accounts to the board of Trade once a year. I am therefore at a loss to know what is wanting: If it is required to have the proceedings of the general Court & the Minutes of the Council half yearly, it may be done; but then they will not be so compact: besides, the Votes of the House & the Acts show what has come before the general Court. Also if the Naval Officers Account is wanted oftner than yearly, it will be sent. I must therefore wait for further orders. I am &c

    John Pownal, Esq;

    L, LbC BP, 3: 118-119.