254 | To the Earl of Halifax

    Boston Dec 20. 1763

    My Lord

    Altho’ I have not been ^particularly^ honoured with particular advice of Lordships having been appointed by his Majesty to the Southern province,965 yet I have been so certainly informed ^required such ↑a↓ positive [account] ↑confirmation↓ of it by the many ^ that I think it my duty to enga pay my Compliments to your Lordship upon this Occasion. It must give a great pleasure to ^the people of North America^ this Whole Continent to See it again ↑peo especially↓ ↑thankfully restored to a relation↓ brought within related to your Lordship, from which ↑whom↓ they have heretofore received such great testimonies of North America must congratulate herself upon being restored again put under your Lordships patronage, from which it has received so many & great benefits. But We who have been placed in the governments of these provinces by your favor, must think ourselves happy in being restored to the liberty of communicating with your Lordship concerning ↑in↓ the execution of Our offices For myself, as I shall allways retain a full Sense of my obligations to your Lordship, so f & shall ever think myself highly honoured by the ↑evry↓ Opportunity you shall given me to express it

    I am.

    Earl of Halifax

    ADft, LbC BP, 3: 115.