34 Citations of College Records


    B. Notes on Fellows

    An Account of Fellows that were choose after the Charter was granted in May 1650.

    June 7, 1654: Sir Dudley chosen.

    November 27, 1654: Sir Shepard, Sir Hooker, and Sir Ambrose were chosen Fellows.

    Feb. 28, 1655: Mr. Samuell Nowel and Sir Moodey were chosen Fellows.

    August 12, 1656: Mr. Samuell Bradstreet was chosen and Enstated Fellow of the College.

    November 28, 1666: Mr. Thomas Graves, Mr. Solomon Stoddard, and Sir Alexander Nowell were elected Fellows.

    August 24, 1663: Mr. Samuell Eliot, Mr. Peter Bulkley, and Mr. Nathaniell Chauncey elected Fellows.

    In 1673, when the difficulties of the College in Mr. Hoar’s time were coming on, for help thereof it was propounded by the Overseers that there might be Fellows chosen to Supply the Students with Tutors. Accordingly Mr. Daniell Gookin, Mr. Daniell Russell, and Mr. Joseph Taylor, being nominated and propounded by the Corporation, were chosen Fellows. And upon it Mr. Urian Oaks, Mr. Thomas Shepard, Mr. Joseph Brown, and Mr. John Richardson declared that they resigned up their places of Fellows in the College.

    When by reason of those difficulties Mr. Russell and Mr. Taylor declined the business of the College the Overseers did indeed desire that Mr. Oaks and Mr. Shepard would continue to assist in the business of the College as Fellows, but upon Dr. Hoars Death, Mr. Oakes was made President and Mr. Shepard dyed in 1677 the Overseers recommended it to the Corporation to choose a Fellow that might be resident and officiate on the place which they did. All which argues that the Overseers allway tho’t the residence necessary.

    College Papers, i. 10 (No. 21). These notes, like those in No. 33, appear to have been written by Nicholas Sever, in connection with the Tutors-Fellows controversy of the 1720s.