82 Extract from the Will of Owen Stockton

    [June 6 1679]

    Copy of an Extract from the Registry of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury.

    In the Testament or last Will of Owen Stockton late of Chattisham in the County of Suffolk Minister of the Gospell bearing date the sixth day of June 1679 remaining in the Registry of this Court, amongst other Things therein is contain’d as follows to wit.

    Item if my said Daughter depart this Life before she accomplish the Age of one and twenty Years then my Will is that my Executrix do settle twenty Pounds per annum for ever on the Colledge in New England for the Educating of the most hopefull person that the Master and Fellows of the said Colledge can procure for the work of the Ministry, the person so chosen by the said Master and Fellows to be a Convert Indian or one that will Studdy the Indian Language that he may preach the Gospell among the Indians to enjoy the said Twenty pounds per annum Seven Years if he do so long reside in the said Colledge and at the End of every Seven Years or sooner, vacancy by Death or otherwise a new one to be chosen.

    Probatum Londini coram Domino 27 mo. die mensis Novembris Anno Domini 1680. Iuramento Elianore Stockton Relictae et Executricis in dicto Testamento nominate cui &c. de bene &c. vigore Commissionis. Iurat.

    Linthwaite Farrant

    Deputy Register Assumed.

    Sarah the only daughter.

    156. Bath R.C.

    Wills, Gifts and Grants Papers, p. 7.