235 Thomas Hollis to John White

    London August 15, 1721

    Mr. John White


    I have written unto you the 4 August by Capt. Janurin and therein inclosed a bill on Messrs Gilbert and Cradock for £302.10.0 NE moneys for goods loaded in the said ship. I send you here inclosed my second bill, with a Coppy of the invoyce and bill of loding which you may give them, on their underwriting my draft, and when these several bills remitted you are entred—or a good prospect of entring—you will be able to compute how much more I must remit next spring to compleate my donation. If you can have good Morgages wet secured and Registred to produce Six per cent, then I supose if I consent to £80. per Annum for my Professor in Divinity, I shal not lack much more tho I have not yet computed exactly.

    I have shewn the Scheme relating to a Professor, which Mr. Colman sent me to two or three Ministers of my acquaintance, who have past their Studys in the Universitys of Edenburg, Leyden and Utrecht—Mr. Jere. Hunt, Mr. D. Neale, Mr. M. Lowman, who all wish success to your College and desire it may flourish, and be diffusively useful in America, and elsewhere. They are thinking to recomend to the Consideration of your Corporation some little alteration in that Scheme, to make it more lastingly beneficial and when you have seen their thoughts—and replyed—I may then be able to put the last stroke to this affaire (if God please) which has occasioned me to troble you and my freinds with so many letters alreddy, and must necessarily with a few more.

    My love and servise as due.

    Your Loving Friend

    Thomas Hollis

    [Endorsed:] by Capt. Cary, received November 7, 1721.

    Hollis Letters and Papers, p. 21.