141 Resolve of the General Court Regarding a Professorship of Philology

    [November 2 1704]

    Whereas this hous being informed by sundry of their members that in the time of the late recess of this Court they were advised that his Excellency the Governour (being desired) was about to create a professor of Philology at harvard Colledg and did thereupon apply themselves to his Excellency desireing him to desist proceeding thereunto at least untill this hous should meet and their sence could be had thereon, and this hous haveing taken the said Affaire unto their serious consideration

    Resolved that his Excellency be earnestly intreated to continue his favourable aspect and influence on that Society, but not consent unto or permitt any inovation therein or alteration of the present Establishment thereof without the Concurrance of this Court, which request they humbly assume themselves will be well accepted and redily granted by his Excellency becaus agreeable to the foresaid Establishment made and ordered by this Court.

    College Papers, i. 36 (No. 81). The date may be in the hand of Increase Mather. See No. 135 for Mather’s suggestion that Jeremiah Dummer be made Professor of Philology.