88 John Rogers to Samuel Nowell

    [Cambridge, March 5 1682/83]

    For the worthy Samuel Nowell Esq.

    Honoured Sir

    You being by the President and Fellows of Harvard Colledge elected Treasurer pro tempore in the absence of Captain John Richards, you are hereby requested and ordered, as followeth.

    1. 1. Forthwith to take care of the provision for the President, as to out houses, fences, and what is necessary to the finishing his lodgings.
    2. 2. of the Colledge as to all necessary expenses from time to time and in speciall that the rooffe be railed about for the indemnity of such as shall have occasion to go thereupon.
    3. 3. you are to gather in forthwith all debts due upon bill or accounts that make not allowance to the Colledge and to renew your security of all debts that are above 3 year old.
    4. 4. you shall pay to Mr. Danforth the ballance of his account.
    5. 5. you shall provide twelve new buckets for the colledge use and barr of iron for the chimneys.

    John Rogers President

    John Rogers Papers. A copy, made from the original in the possession of Charles F. Rogers, Jr., in 1950. Samuel Nowell (A.B. 1653) served as Treasurer, 1683–1686. John Rogers (A.B. 1649) was President from 1682 to 1684.