121 Order of the General Court

    [July 13 1700]

    Att a Great and General Court or Assembly for his Majestyes Province of the Massachusets Baye in New England begun and held at Boston upon Wednesday the Twenty Ninth of May 1700 in the Twelfth Year of his Majestyes Reign, being Convened by his Majestyes Writts.

    Saturday July 13 1700

    Whereas this Court have made their humble Address unto his Majesty for his Royal Charter for Incorporating of Harvard Colledge in Cambridge within this Province and the Government thereof.

    Ordered that the Reverend Mr. Increase Mather nominated to be President of said Colledge, Mr. Samuel Willard, Vice President, Mr. James Allen, Mr. Michael Wigglesworth, Mr. Samuel Torrey, Mr. Nehemiah Hubbard,1 Mr. Peter Thatcher, Mr. Samuel Angier, Mr. John Danforth, Mr. Cotton Mather, Mr. Nehemiah Walter, Mr. Henry Gibbs, Mr. John White, Mr. Jonathan Pierpoint and Mr. Benjamin Wadsworth with the Two Senior Resident Tutors2 for the time being, nominated to be Fellows of said Corporation, be and hereby are Impowered to take the oversight Care and Government of the said Colledge and Students there, and to direct and Order the payment of Salaries or Allowances to the Officers thereof out of the Revenues Rents and Profits of the Grants Donations and Stock to the Colledge belonging, and to sue for, Collect and receive all such rents, profits and Incomes until his Majestyes pleasure shall be known referring to the Settlement of said Colledge, Or that this Court take further order therein.


    Isa. Addington Secretary

    College Papers, i. 25 (No. 61). There is another copy of the same order in College Papers, i. 27 (No. 63). See No. 125 where later additions are made to this order. Persons not shown in earlier lists are: Michael Wigglesworth (A.B. 1651), Samuel Angier (A.B. 1673), Henry Gibbs (A.B. 1685), and Jonathan Pierpont (A.B. 1685). Quoted in Morison, Seventeenth Century, ii. 659.