229 Thomas Hollis to John White

    London July 5, 1721

    Mr. John White


    I am favor’d with yours dated May 8 which came to hand June 17 and I have a letter from our good freind Mr. Colman dated April 5 but the letter you mention, and his referrs unto, that would come from the President and others to answer my Queries is not yet come to my hand. I have written largely to you and to them by Capt. Osborn and by Capt. Lethered—with the Scheme of my designed Trust, and bills of Mr. Cradocks hand for £1450 Nett. NE money or Publick Bills of Credit for Goods laden in the ships of the said two Captains. I hope wel of them, and am waiting now quickly to hear of their safe arival and success and hope that Mr. Cradock will make good pay. I desire you remember me kindly to him and his Partner.

    I thank you for the general account you give me of what past relating to my Trust affaire to the date of your said letter. I shal expect the account in form how you stated it and the ballance in your Colege books at your general audit which I supose to be this week. I bles God that my adventure by Tomlinson is wel arived at last and the contract for payment to you accepted by Mr. Tyler. I have written a letter to Mr. Tyler by Capt. Joseph Minot in answer to his he wrote to me in April. The order he sent me for a parsel of Arms contracted for with Mr. John Pim at £200 per advance on invoyce is forwarded according to his desire, Capt. Joseph Minot and here inclosed is second bill of lading and coppy of letter and the invoyce which Mr. John Williams, gunmaker sent with them. And I send you herewith my bill on him for the produce which I hope he will pay in six months after arival. I have deducted the frait, but if he insist to have the charges of shiping allowed also, I leave it to your prudence, but considering the lowe prices the goods are charged, I hope he wil not desire it. I desire you to give me advice how you settle with him, and in what time he payes the money to you.

    My humble Servise and Respects to all our good freinds who are so kind as to assist in settling this bounty, and I pray God succeed it.

    Your very Loving Freind

    Thomas Hollis.

    Deare Sir

    [On reverse:]

    London July 5th 1721.

    Mr. Thomas Hollis with Invoice and Bill of Lading of 2 chests of Arms sent per Capt. Minot to Mr. John Pimm.

    September 18, 1721 I Read this Letter to the Corporation, and they perused it.

    paid 18d Postage

    [On fold next address:]

    : 6:

    : 6:6


    1: 6:

    chests and charge

    Mr. Pim saies he ever has the chests and charges taken out and nothing charged him for the chests and never paid more than 200 p. Cent on the net. Goods. He is offered as good Goods at the same Prices and will leave these still and take them rather than give higher. That the sickness has put a stop to all Trade.

    [On reverse:]

    25. .–



    Deduct chests and charg:

    1. 6.–

    55. 5.–

    55. 5.–

    55. 5.–


    Deduct frait

    2. 2.–

    Paid by Mr. Pim

    Mr. Pim is to Pay


    [Endorsed:] Received per Minot Sept. 11, 1721.

    Hollis Letters and Papers, p. 19.