142 Draft of a Letter from Increase Mather to Governor Dudley

    [Boston, January 2 1704/05]


    I understand that Mr. Phips1 the Agent of this Province has signified to the General Assembly that there is a possibility of obtaining a charter for the Colledge in case your Excellency and Council shall recommend that affair to the Lord Commissioners of the Plantations. Moreover, I have received a Letter from Mr. B.2 which says that the only reason of the charters not passing was the want of a clause reserving a power of visitation to the King. In that which was sent over in my Lord B’s3 time, there was such a clause, viz. that the power of visitation should be in the King by his governour and counsil. Mr. B. writes me that he can not but wish that your Excellency will [with all readiness?] promote so great a work as that of obtaining a charter settlement for Harvard Colledge and wishes you would move in it, and says he [believes?] I may then [. . . getting?] of it with all Expedition. I thought it my duty to acquaint your Excellency herewith. The Colledge was once my Mother and after that for 20 years my child,4 and I can not but have a great [affection?] for that Society wherein the welfare of the churches in N.E. and of posterity is very much [joined?]. I doubt it will be of ill consequence if the present offer be slighted or neglected. It is (I [think?]) then advisable that the [. . . composition?] of the Corporation should be such as the General Court will acquiesce in. For which cause I send herewith a List of the names (all except the President) which [was?] sent [over?] when the last essay was, for obtaining a charter.

    I know, Sir, you are sensible how great an oportunity is now by this providence of God put into your hands to serve his [pleasure?] and people. I am,


    Your Excellencys humble servant

    [Addressed:] To his Excellency Joseph Dudley Esq. Governour . . .

    College Papers, i. 34 (No. 77). Several words are crossed out in this draft. It is noted in Morison, Seventeenth Century, ii. 549.