180 President Leverett to Treasurer White

    Cambridge May 16, 1718

    Mr. Treasurer

    I am Loath to give you the Trouble of so many entrys and myself of so many orders, therefore desire you to pay to the Bearer Usher the Summ of £14 the residue of £24 as[signe]d by the Gentlemen that have the disposition of Capt. Spragues Donation as follows to the said Usher £4, to Mr. Rogers £3, to Sir Rogers £4, to Tompson £1 and to Hancock £2. This with £8 to Dexter and £2 to Fessenden is the compleat summ of £24. I shall take care that he delivers the respective summs to the account of those to whom they are assigned, and this shalbe your sufficient Warrant.

    J. Leverett President

    of Harvard College

    To Mr. John White Treasurer

    of Harvard College

    per Usher/

    Corporation Papers. Earlier documents in the series cover the allocation to Dexter (April 16) and to Fessenedn (May 2). Capt. Richard Sprague, of Charlestown died in 1668; he left the College 30 ewes with their lambs valued at £30. Recipients were: John Usher (A.B. 1719), John Rogers (A.B. 1711), Nathaniel Rogers (A.B. 1717), William Tompson (A.B. 1718), John Hancock (A.B. 1719), Samuel Dexter (A.B. 1720), and Benjamin Fessenden (A.B. 1718). The MS is torn in one spot.