28 Recommendations of the Committee

    [ca. May 3 1654]

    Propositions Concerning the Colledg business

    1. 1. Wheras Mr. Dunsters care strength and laubour hath beene extended for 12 yeares not only in care of the education of the scollars but likewise in Reference to all the outward affaires of the Colledge to the welfare therof both in building repaireing and providing for the same: which through the Blessing of God uppon his Labours hath beene caried on with good success and wee the Comittee appointed for that end having examined all his incomes and profits do find that he has not received by all waies and meanes not above 55 per annum which we conceive is an allowance farre below his desert and theirfore desire that he may have made up for time past 74:10 per annum either by the country or out of the contributions presently.1

      [In margin:] £220 paid him by the cuntry which is about £74:10s per year.

    2. 2. For the future that the president bee allowed £80 per annum besides what may arise by comencements, his lodging and grounds belonging free, to be paid out of the ferry at Charlestown per annum


    out of tuitions of scollars 2s per quarter which may bee about per



    out of the townes gifts



    1. 3. That2 their bee 4 felowshipps allowed which are to have six shillings per quarter for every scolers tuition they teach and their chambers and studies rent free and £12 per annum paid out of the towns contributions which is £36 per annum—£36.
    2. 4. That every scoller do pay for his tuition quarterly 8s per yere which is much less than in England.

      [In margin:] Sizers pensioners commoners

    3. 5. That according to the generality of the scolars desire their commons may remaine as they are only they may have duble Commons at sup and also duble beere for sizeing in the morning and at other times when they are not well; and that the diett of [parado?] may be expeld and in stead theirof pudings provided and in the roome of pease with their salt porke they may have rootts.
    4. 6. That it may bee in the liberty of president and Felowes to send such scolars home to their parents or Freinds or otherwise put them forth out of commons who do not seasonably and duly pay what is due for their expenses.
    5. 7. That their bee a building of Bricke erected of 40 foot Long and 20 foot wide within the walls: and two stories high for the enterteyning of scolars that are now much straitened for Rome the on[e] halfe of which worke the Comissioners in behalfe of the indians wilbe at chardge to erect for the remnent of indian scolars the other halfe to be defrayed out of the contributions of the townes which may be effected as wee conceive for about £140 the on[e] halfe; and that it be reffered to the president to make agreement about this building and to get it done next sumer.
    6. 8. That the president do order the present buildings may be repaired so Far as nessesity calls for which is to be defrayed out of the contributions of the townes. Committee allowes £120 to be paid out of Sudbury and Watertowne £50 and Cambridge £70.
    7. 9. That the Contributions of the townes that which is anuall be paid anually to the president and Fellows or whome they shall appoint at 2 payments vizt on[e] halfe the 29 7ber and the other moyity the last of the first month yearly; and that such somes as are other given be colected by the selectmen of every towne, the on[e] halfe of each contribution the last of the first month and the other halfe the last of the seventh month following which somes being receved are to be paid as the President and Steward of the coledge shall appoint for the ends aforesaid for which they shal give dischardges to the Selectmen.

    [On right hand of inner page]

    Note of what is to be considered by the Committee

    Debts of Fellowes promised—how to bee paid

    £ s d

    unto Eaton









    For commons the scolers [are lined?] into 3 degrees


    Sizers at old commons vizt



    per mess

    and out of the 3 pt. of these sums the Butler Steward Cooke Utensells wood is to be provided


    Pensioners at



    per mess


    Fellow Commoners


    per mess

    Tuitions 8s per quarter whereof 2s per quarter and the tutors 6s Fellow Commoners 12s whereof the president to have 3s per quarter and the tutors 9s per quarter.

    That £120 bee delivered to the president and socity to repaire the old colledge and to be paid out of Sudbury Watertowne at £50 and out of Cambridge contribution £70.

    [On last page]

    That the Steward of colledge



    221:3 :2

    That the Steward do only receive all dues from the scollers for their Comons Studyes and tuitions; and that no other officer shall intermedle with the matter; and that hee is to give account for the tuitions and study rents unto the President Fellowes and Treasurer.

    That the court bee pleased to send [more?] agine to the townes that are yett behind to promote this worke by their contributions and to require such as have promised to pay it in season; otherwise the work in the Colledge is like to fall.

    Corporation Papers. Paragraphs 5, 6 and 7 are crossed out. Though undated, this document is endorsed (in a seventeenth-century hand) “Accounts 54.” The various points covered in the “Expositions” suggest that it was a tentative draft of the report of the committee appointed by the General Court on September 10, 1653 “to examine the state of the colledge.” See Records of the Governor and Company of the Massachusetts Bay in New England, iii. 331–332. The committee’s report is printed in Morison, Seventeenth Century, ii. 570–573.