162 Will of Daniel Williams

    That Part of Daniel Williams’s Will D.D; which relates to his Donation to Harvard College in Cambridge New England. Dated at London June the 26th 1711. Signed and sealed in the presence of Isaac King, Soloman Fromantel, and Susannah King. Taken from a printed copy of the Last Will and Testament of Doctor Daniel Williams, which was examined the 12th day of June 1721 by the Will, with the Probate annexed, and found to be a true Copy by Jeremiah Smith. La. Merrill. Francis Barkstead. John Evans.

    (page 16) Item, I give to Mr. Joseph Thompson and the rest of the Society for New England, my Estate in Essex, call’d, Tolshant, Becknam Manour, or by any other name; which I bought of Mrs. Hannah Fox, alias (page 17) Bradley, with all the Profits and Advantages belonging to me, after the Death of the said Fox, now Bradley; as long as the said Society or Corporation shall continue. Upon condition that sixty Pounds per Annum shall be allowed between two well-qualified Persons, as to Piety and Prudence, to be nominated successively by my Trustees, to preach as Itinerants in the English Plantations in the West Indies, and for the good of what Pagans, and Blacks lie neglected there; and the remainder be paid yearly to the College of Cambridge in New-England, or such as are usually imployed to manage the blessed Work of converting the poor Indians there. To promote which, I design this part of my Gift. But if my Trustees be hinder’d from nominating the said Itinerants, under the pretence of any Statute in New England, or elsewhere, I give the said sixty Pounds per Annum to the said College in New-England, to encourage and make them capable to get constantly some learned Professor out of Europe to reside there, and shall be of their own nomination, in concurrence with the Ministers of the Town of Boston, in the said New-England. (page 18) And if the foresaid Society or Corporation shall happen to be dissolved, or deprived of their present Privilege; my Will is, and I hereby give the said Manour, with all the Profits and advantages, to the said Town of Boston, with the Ministers thereof, to benefit the said College, as above, and to promote the Conversion of the poor Indians.

    (page 27). I will, that my Executors be my Brother Hugh Roberts, and Mr. Francis Wooley Senior, Laceman in London; and them I ordain to be my Executors, (page 29) And if my Executors shall have sufficient Money, to answer those Legacies and Sums, that then after such Payment they shall deliver up to my said Trustees what ever shall remain, to be received by my said Trustees. To whom I hereby bequeath all and every part thereof, (except my Library) for the Purposes beforementioned, and subject to the following Limitations hereafter to be mentioned.

    The Trustees appointed by Will are as follows, and those with this Mark x are dead this 16 September 1728

    [Column 2]


    Mr. Will. Lorimer

    Mr. John Morton

    Doctor Oldfield


    Mr. Edmund Farrington junior

    Doctor Edmund Calamy.


    Mr. Will. Adee


    Mr. Will. Tong

    Mr. Jona. Collyer


    Mr. Matthew Henry

    Mr. Benj. Sheppard.


    Mr. Benj. Robinson

    Mr. Fran. Barkstead

    Mr. La. Merrill

    Mr. Archer

    Mr. John Evans


    Mr. Rich. Watts

    Mr. Will. Harris

    Mr. Isaac Honeywood


    Mr. Tho. Reynols

    Mr. George Smith

    Mr. Isaac Bates


    Mr. Jer. Smith

    Mr. Read.


    (page 20) such of them, as will accept my Trust; and to chuse others if any refuse it, or die before me. And their Assigns and Successors, may, and shall (under all the Conditions and Limitations hereafter mentioned) stand and remain, and be possessed of all and singular the Premises, for and during the Term of two thousand Years,—but to employ to the uses and purposes, as in Conscience they will be obliged to, if they accept this Trust.

    (page 21) And my Mind is, that the said Mr. Moses Lorimor,1 Doctor Oldfield, Mr. George Smith, and the rest of the twenty two forementioned Persons, that shall survive any of the Number, such Survivors shall be all summoned, and the major part shall, when met, nominate other Person or Persons, in the room of the deacesed, as they shall judge faithfull and suitable, and inhabiting in or near London.

    (page 22) My Will also is, that such as shall be elected, from time to time, shall have the same Rights, Power and Privilege, as I have given, or shall hereafter give, to them whom I have named to constitute the Number at present.

    this estate lying in Essex is about the yearly rent of One hundred and twenty pounds per Annum

    Mrs. Bradley who injoyes it for life is now a Widdow and about 60 years of age and lives at Enfeild, 10 Miles from London.

    September 16, 1728

    Tho. Hollis

    She is a Ministers Widdow and I think has no child.

    [Endorsed:] Received from Mr. Thomas Hollis, December 9, 1728.

    Wills, Gifts and Grants Papers, 44. Thomas Hollis added the lines at the end, and also the notation as to the Trustees who had died, as of September 16, 1728. Rev. Daniel Williams, of London, died in 1716; an extract of his Will is in CSM Publications, xvi. 839–840.