172 President Leverett to Treasurer White

    Cambridge May 24th, 1716


    This comes by Mr. Robie, to inform you that Mr. Holioke went of the 11th of February last, and I am of opinion that Mr. Robie from that day was intitled to the Second Fellows Salary. So it was when Mr. Holioke succeeded to Mr. Stevens; I have mentioned it to Mr. Brattle, who is of the same thought.

    The number of Pupils is 47. The 1st Fellows salary is £80, and the 2d is £70, and the 3d is £50.

    Mr. Sever was chosen Fellow at a Corporation held Apr. 9th last past.

    Mr. Robie stays for this, and I can but add that I am


    Your humble Servant

    J. Leverett

    [Addressed:] To Mr. Treasurer White, Boston.

    Corporation Papers. The persons mentioned are Tutor Thomas Robie (A.B. 1708), Edward Holyoke (A.B. 1705) and Joseph Stevens (A.B. 1703), alternating Fellows of the Corporation, Nicholas Sever (A.B. 1701), Fellow of the House, and William Brattle, former Treasurer.