90 Increase Mather to Abraham Kick

    [Boston, November 20 1683]

    Worthy Sir

    I wrote to you yesterday, when I desired that you would send me 50 more of my Diatribes bound in velum. Also two other Bookes, viz: Theatrum Cometicum Author Stanislis de Lubienietz,1 and Voetius his Tratise de Prognosticis Cometarum2 which Bookes were published but the year 1665.

    There is one Booke more which I must entreat you to procure for me. I have the Miscellanea Medico-physicarum, sive Ephremeridum Germanicarum3 as farr as the year 1679, but I suppose that [several?] are published since yearly viz. for the year 1680, 81, 82, which I would entreat you to send to me the first opportunity. Draw a Bill upon me to be payed to your son here, who is well; and not troubled with his Ague so much as he was in Holland. He seems to be not only civil but a serious and pious young man. I have a real respect for him, and I hope his coming unto N. E. may be for his spiritual advantage. The Lord be with you. I am

    Your obliged

    I. Mather

    [Endorsed:] For my worthy friend Mr. Abraham Kick in Amsterdam.

    Increase Mather Papers. For Abraham Kick, who is supposed to have been “a merchant of Amsterdam, and high in the confidence of the English dissenters,” see Kenneth B. Murdock, Increase Mather, p. 225; Andros Tracts, ii. 162, n.; Massachusetts Historical Society Collections, Fourth Series, viii. 596 n.