177A Increase Mather to Sir William Ashurst

    [Boston August 12 1717]


    I return my Thanks for yours of February 5 which I received May 11. It seems I have a more charitable opinion of Col. Taylor1 than you seem to have. I cannot but respect him for his uncles sake, who was my [dear?] intimate friend, and a very worthy patriot in New England, and for his grandfathers sake, Colonel Stoughton, who dyed in the parliaments Army commanded by Sir Thomas Fairfax.

    Sir, New England is under great obligations to you for the services you have done for them, and in special in being instrumental in procuring Col. Shute to be their Governour, who dos really seek the welfare of this people and is generally beloved. The Lieut. Governour, Mr. William Dummer, acquits himselfe worthily. He is a man of right New England principles both as to the Civil and Ecclesiastical Constitution. He has lately owned the Churches here, by joyning himselfe to a Congregational Church, and (what is more than all the rest) I believe he is a truly Godly man.

    As to myselfe, I am now aged being in my 79 year, yet through the wonderfull goodness of God, able to preach in the largest meeting house in N.E., sometimes to near upon two thousand [souls?] and to continue [. . .] in my sermon without any use of notes: People tell me they can hear me as well as they could 40 years ago. Nonetheless I find a difference between 40 and almost fourscore and hope it will not be long before I shall rest from my Labors. I sent you my 3 last Bookes. I know not whether they are come to your hands. Nor do I think them worth sending again. My service to my Lady Ashurst. I have heard nothing concerning my good friend Madam Thompson (my Ladys Mother) these many years. I conclude that she is gone to a better land. I pray the Lord to bless you and yours, and remain

    Yours to serve

    I. Mather

    I send this by Capt. Chedder, who has a very grateful sense of the kindness you favoured him with, in some office that was of [concernment?] to him.

    [Addressed:] To the Honorable Sir William Ashurst in London.

    [Endorsed:] Dr. Increase Mather August 12th 1717.

    Increase Mather Papers.