165 Calvin Galpine Junior and Boyle’s Charity

    [August 30 1712]

    To all Christian People to whom this present writing shal come Calvin Galpin Student of Harvard College in Cambridge in New-England sendeth Greetings Whereas it hath pleased the President and Fellows of Harvard Colledge aforesaid at their meeting in the Library April 28th 1712 To pass a Vote that the said Galpin have the benifit of one Quarter part of Mr. Boyles Charity, that is to say, of £90 Sterling with the current exchange for one year commencing from the 25th of March last, upon his submission to the Regulations contained in certain resolves passed at the same meeting, and specified and entred in the College Records as in the same fully and at large may appear reference therto being had; Now know yee, That the said Calvin Galpin having perused the aforesaid Regulations doth fully and freely consent thereunto, and in token of his submission to the same so far as they relate unto such as have the advantage of the donation aforesaid He the said Calvin Galpin hath hereunto subscribed his name this Thirtyeth day of August Anno Dom. 1712.

    Calvin Galpine


    Memorandum, That whereas Calvin Galpin the above subscriber is yet a Minor, and it is provided in the Seventh resolve for the Disposition of Mr. Boyles Donation, That if the students are minors who are to manifest their submission to the Rules prescribed for such as are to have the benifit in any part of the said Donation, their Parents or Guardians shall also subscribe to the submission of such Minor, now be it known unto all men by these presents that I Calvin Galpin of Charlestown in the County of Middlesex within the Province of the Massachusets Bay in New England Father of the above subscriber Calvin Galpin a Minor do promise to do my part to influence unto and engage what in me lyes to steady my said Son in his submission and conforming himself unto the Regulation contained in the resolves abovementioned. In Testimony whereof I have hereunto subscribed my Name this Thirtyeth day of August Anno Domini 1712.

    Calvin Galpine

    In presence of Thomas Berry

    Corporation Papers. Galpine (A.B. 1715) later became a Church of England Rector at Jamaica. Since the Boyle donation was for those who intended to preach to the Indians, the Corporation in 1729 tried to obtain from him or his father a refund of this money. See Sibley, Sketches (Shipton), vi. 88.