194 President Leverett to Treasurer White

    Cambridge, June 30, 1719.

    Mr. Treasurer

    Sir pursuant to the Order on the other Side pay to Dexter the Summ of twenty four pounds to be distributed accordingly to and among the persons therein mentioned his receipt shal be your discharge.

    Your humble Servant

    J. Leverett.

    Sir Favour me to morrow with a sight of my memorial when you come up to Commencement

    Your J. Leverett.

    Charlestown June 23d, 1719.

    At a Meeting at the House of the Reverend Mr. Bradstreet, the Gentlemen who have the disposition of the Revenue of Capt. Richard Sprague’s Legacy order’d that £24 payable October Last past be distributed in manner following Vizt.


    To Dexter £6

    To Sir Oliver £1

    To Sir Cotton £2—


    To Sir Williams £1

    To Sir Williams junr. £1


    To Sir Hancock £2

    To Sir Green £2


    To Sir Jackson £2

    To Sir Stacey £2


    To Sir Ward 30s

    To Abbot 30s

    To Rogers £2



    True Copy Examined

    J. Leverett.

    [On reverse:]

    June 30th 1719.

    Received of John White Twenty four Pounds pursuant to the order on the other side.

    per me. Saml. Dexter

    Corporation Papers. Those receiving grants from the Sprague legacy were: Samuel Dexter (A.B. 1720), Thomas Oliver (A.B. 1719), Rowland Cotton (A.B. 1719), Warham Williams (A.B. 1719), Solomon Williams (A.B. 1719), John Hancock (A.B. 1719), John Green (A.B. 1719), Edward Jackson (A.B. 1719), Joseph Stacey (A.B. 1719), Robert Ward (A.B. 1719), Hull Abbot (A.B. 1720), Nathaniel Rogers (A.B. 1721).