127 Resolution Relating to Samuel Willard and the College

    [September 6 1701]

    Resolved that the Reverend Mr. Samuel Willard, Nominated for Vice President of the Colledge (together with the Gentlemen Named for the Corporation in the Order of this Court) be desired to take the care and oversight of the Colledge and Students there, according to the late Establishment made by this Court, and to manage the affairs thereof, as he has Proposed in his Answer to this Court viz: to reside there for one or two Days and Nights in a Week, and to Perform Praiers and Expositions in the Hall, and to bring forward the Exercise of Analysing.

    College Papers, i. 30 (No. 66). This was the significant step which removed Increase Mather from the direction of the College. Acts and Resolves, vii. 312; quoted in Morison, Seventeenth Century, ii. 534.