125 Resolution of the General Court

    [March 14 1700/01]

    At a Great and General Court or Assembly for his Majestys Province of the Massachusetts Bay in New England begun and held at Boston upon Wednesday the 29th of May 1700 and continued by Several Prorogations unto Wednesday the Twelfth of February following . . . .

    [Part of a page is here omitted, since it duplicates the order found in document No. 121.]

    And Forasmuch as the Constitution requires the President to reside at Cambridge, which is now altered by his removal from thence.

    To the intent that a present necessary oversight be taken of the Colledge.

    It is therefore Ordered That the said Mr. Increase Mather Mr. Samuel Willard and the Several other Gentlemen Mentioned in the aforerecited order be and hereby are anew appointed and impowered to continue their oversight, care and Government of the Colledge and Students there in manner as in the said Order is exprest, and to use and exercise the like powers and authority to them therein and thereby granted, for and during Such time as by the said order is Set and limited.

    And in case of Mr. Mathers refusal, absence Sickness or Death That Mr. Samuel Willard, nominated to be Vice-President, with the other Gentlemen before named be and hereby are invested with the like powers and authority aforesaid in all respects.

    Wm. Stoughton

    Isa. Addington Secretary.

    College Papers, i. 27 (No. 63). The date is from Morison, Seventeenth Century, ii. 532. Part of this order is printed there and in ibid., ii. 659–660. As noted, the first part of this resolution duplicates that given in No. 121, and has not been reprinted. See Acts and Resolves, vii. 271–272.