22 Readings Response to the Appeal for Funds

    [November 30 1653]

    Honnored Sirs

    Wee have Receaved your Letter From your selfe and from the Rest of the Commissoners for the Colledg for to see what sum or sums will be contributted for that use. Sirs wee ware not unmindfull of the bissnes beefoar but ware willing to take the longest day for to accomplish your and our desires. And that we might soe doe wee have taken som payns in the bissenes and have gon aboute to our brethren and neighbors from man to man and doe find men genneraly mor willing then abell for the setting forward soe good a worke. And the som wee have gathered is sixteen pound thirteen shillings but by Reasson of som great payments this year and the shortnes of mens cropes wee cannot pay any of it this yeare but doe promise to pay the one halfe of itt namely eight pounds six shillings six pence att ore beefore the laste of the ninth month in the year fifty fower and the other halfe eight pound six shillings six pence att or beefore the laste of the ninth month in the year fifty five. And soe not having else to wright to you, wee Rest desireing god to guid you and to derict you in soe good a worke and Rest your [servant?] to command in any worke of the Lord.

    from Redding this

    Richard Walker

    Willm. Cowdry

    Corporation Papers. RC.