250 Thomas Hollis to John Leverett

    London June 6, 1722

    Mr. John Leverett

    Reverend Sir

    I received your letter dated Feb. 12, by Capt. Osborn who came to London May 17. Also the Parchment writing with my orders and your amendments touching my trust in your College by Mr. Gilbert.

    I return my thanks to you and the Corporation and to all the Gentlemen Overseers who have taken pains in the settling of them and as the Projection is now coming into Practice I pray God accept it and succeed it being offred to him of his owne with a willing mind and I hope sincerely for his Glory. I have confidence that you and the Corporation wil indevor it shal answer my design, which you have frequently seen in my letters, and that you wil indevor to transmit the same sentiments from time to time to your Successors, after my decease.

    I am wel pleased with the choise you have made of Edward Huchinson Esq. for your Tresurer. I wrote to him the 7 May by Capt. Norwood—the ship being gone hence I sent it to the Downes after him, and I hope he wil be so good as to answer my requests, and send me accounts of my Trust Debtor and Creditor for the years 1721 and 1722, according to his Promise.

    I am also wel pleased to find that your honorable bord of Overseers do aprove of your nomination to me of Mr. E. Wigglesworth to be my first Professor of Divinity and of his acceptance of that charge.

    And I doe hereby acquaint you Sir and the Corporation that upon your and their Recomendation I do freely and willingly accept of him as such, to begin his office and to be paid his Sallary from your now next Commencement. And I do desire that he may be inducted into that Office in a becomeing manner, that he may have the respect shewn him, suitable to his Character and I pray God that he would bestowe on him all the necessary Gifts and graces of knolege and Prudence by his blessed Spirit to inable him to discharge his Trust with a good Conscience to the Profit and Advantage of many. In my letter to Mr. Tresurer I nominated Jere Condoy1 to be admitted one of my Students for £10 per Annum recomended to me by my good freind Mr. Elisha Callender, if on examination you find him fitt according to the rules and instructions I have ordained. And the rather because I would apoint and order that three or four Baptist youth, in the Ten should be in the house at a time on my foundation, if such could be found and offred unto you, beleiving it would be of service to Religion, though not at Boston, yet for the Colonies more southward from you, but I can scarcely flatter my self that so many wil be offred unto you while I live, and do feare whether so much charity wil remaine as to encorage such a choice when I am dead. I am however now working for an Example to them that come after, and commit it to the Lord in whose hand is the hearts of all Men. In your said letter you nominate to me two or three more Students for my Aprobation.

    Carolus Chauncy2 who has past his first Degree to have an Exhibition till he finish his second degree. I do aprove of him, from the time of your now next Audit which I supose wil be for two Years.

    I also aprove of Mather Byles,3 grandson to the aged Doctor Increase Mather, to be put on my foundation from the now next audit until he have finisht his first Course, and I think these three make up my number for the yeare 1722. If I am mistaken and there stil want one, then I approve of your nomination of Eben Pemberton,4 whom you have wel recomended, but not else.

    And now Sir I desire that Mr. Tresurer would send me a Coppy of the Register of my Students which I appointed to be kept in your College accounts, the names of the young men, their present Ages, times of Entrance and computed times of their dismission or when to be elected behaving wel, that while I live I may see rules put into practice, and the Tresurer for time being answring the design of my bounty to him.

    I have read over the Parchment writing sent me with Mr. Neale and Mr. Wallin and compared the alterations with my Coppy, which you have made, and find it is cheifly relating to the Professors work, and what you and the Bord of Overseers have done therein I aprove of but have not yet signed that Instrument because I am thinking of making some additional clause to the first part now, according to what I wrote to you or to Mr. Colman last yeare, and have reserved to my self a power to doe in my life or by my Will from the first projection of this affaire. With reference to my Heires and Successors having some power to see my statutes well observed and regular annual accounts sent them.

    I notice your request about my Picture to hang in your Hall. Some of my family incourage it, though I formerly refused it to Mr. Tyler, I have it now under my Consideration.

    I congratulate you all on the merciful delivrance Providence has now favored you with from the Smal Pox, and I shal be glad to heare you are mutually returned to a Christian temper in forbaring and loving one another though in some things you may differ. My sincere Respects are presented to you Sir and to all the Gentlemen of the Corporation and the honorable and Reverend the Bord of Overseers.

    Reverend Sir

    Your most humble Servant

    Thomas Hollis

    June 16

    Let my humble servise be acceptable to Mr. President the Bridegroom and Bride5 to whom I wish all the Happinesses attending an Ordonance of God, mutual freindship, Religious Conversation and whatever may be agreable and Comfortable in that State.


    Hollis-Leverett mss, Houghton Library.