111 Draft of a Petition to the General Court

    [June 29 1697]

    Wee who’s Names are hereunto subscribed being very Sensible that if the Colledge should Utterly fail and fall It would bee of Fatal Consequence to these Churches and a great dishonour both to the name of God and to this whole Province do Notwithstanding the Discouragements which have bin given to Us So far accept of the trust reposed in Us by the Late Act for Incorporating Harvard Colledge as to proceed thereon in hopes that our Brethren who have suspended their Acting with Us may by Another assembly or by the next Session of this receive Such Satisfaction as to Concurre with Us, their Assistance being so much needed and desired by Us, as that if it can not at Last bee obtained wee shall see a necessitye of Resigning the Trust reposed in Us as to what Concerned the Colledge.

    Increase Mather

    Charles Morton

    College Papers, i. 20 (No. 49). The text of the petition is in unidentified handwriting; the date in that of Increase Mather. Both signatures are originals. The “late act for incorporating Harvard College” was the Charter of 1697, in which Mather was named President and Charles Morton Vice-President. Morton died in 1698, and his place as Vice-President was taken by Samuel Willard in 1700. Cf. Quincy, History, i. 90–91, 477, 495–497.