120 Order of Lord Bellomont

    [Aprill 13 1700]

    Province of the Massachusetts Bay New England By his Excellence Richard Earl of Bellomont Captain General and Governour in chief of the said Province of the Massachusetts Bay &c.

    Whereas the Assembly of said Province at their Session begun and held at Boston the 31st day of May 1699 proposed to Suspend their proceedings in the affair referring to the Settlement of the Colledge at Cambridge in the Province abovesaid until the next Session of said Court, and made their humble Application unto me, in the meantime to continue the Government and direction of the said Colledge with the Gentlemen of late a Corporation for the Same. And that the Estate of the said Colledge may be improved according to the rules and Orders lately in force for the government of the Students and management of the Estate aforesaid that those who have the care and institution of the Students may be Suitably Supported and encouraged. And whereas, pursuant to the said Proposal and Application of the Assembly, I did, with the advice and consent of the Council, accordingly appoint and impower the Reverend Mr. Increase Mather as President, together with the several other Gentlemen of the said late Corporation, to continue their Exercise of the Government and direction of the Colledge and Students there and to manage and Imploy the Estate belonging to said Colledge according as is above expressed until the end of the next Session of the General Assembly. And whereas at the said next Session, which begun the 13th day of March last past, the Assembly did again address me That the care and government of the Colledge aforesaid may be continued in the hands of the late Corporation, as then it was, until other provision be made whereof his Majestys Council of said Province have also Signified their approbation.

    I do therefore hereby accordingly Further continue the care and government of the said Colledge as aforesaid in the hands of the before named Mr. Increase Mather, as President, and the other Gentlemen of late a Corporation for the Same until other Provision be made.

    Given under my hand at Boston the Thirteenth day of April In the twelfth year of the Reign of our Soveraign Lord William the Third by the Grace of God of England, Scotland, France and Ireland King Defender of the Faith &c. Annoque Domino 1700.



    College Papers, i. 25 (No. 60). Bellomont finally reached Boston on May 26, 1699; he served as Governor for a year. The signature appears to be original.