201 Tutor Flynt to Treasurer White

    Coll [edge] March 7th 1719/20


    I find an Article in Mr. Thomas Brattles account Colledg Debtor

    Sept. 22 1694 To Cash paid for a Book for the Colledge accounts and acknowledging and recording writings &c. £1:5 :0

    Now If this be the book in which he kept the Colledge accounts as no doubt but it is Mr. William Brattle was out in Supposing (as I remember he once did in the Corporation) that Book was his Brothers and not the Colldges. Certain it is by the forecited Article there should be found a book of Colledge accounts in Mr. Thomas Brattles improvement which belonged to the Colledge. But Enough of that and if any mistake too much. I send you Enclosed an Extract of Court Records made I suppose by Mr. Davenport in which I am at a loss about the first article of 800 Acres of Land and should be glad of Information. I suppose you have the Court Records in keeping. If by Looking into them you should find any article of Concern to the Colledge which is here Omitted please to add it to this Coppy or draw a New one for I am of Opinion such things as these should be in the Colledge Records. I’me also at a Loss about the Last Article. I desire you to return mee these Records.

    I beleive you may doe wel to procure the bounds of the Land Layd out to the Colledge at Stonington out of the writings which the president has, for if that Land were either East of Pawcutoque River or West of it provided (it be not within New London Bounds) The Court at Hartford 1674 obliges them to make a recompence. Two Stonington men told mee tother day there was a peice of Meadow called formerly Colledge meadow 2 or 3 miles N. East of Stonington meetinghouse which stands near the middle of the Town and 3 or 4 miles East of Mistick River the boundary betwixt New London and Stonington. Concerning these matters you may have opportunity to make a thourough Enquiry if possible.

    I send you Enclosed a Note for the Bearer Jefferds.1 It wil be proper for some Members at Boston to mind the president of the Spring meeting as soon as may be.

    I am

    Your most humble Servant

    Hen. Flynt

    [Note on one of folds:] Oct. 19, 1652.

    In answer to the Petition of the President and Fellows of Harvard College the Court doth Grant them eight Hundred acres of Land and liberty to imploy such as they please to find out such a place or places as may be most commodious and convenient for them, and to return to this Court what they have done therein to the end It may be laid out and continued unto them.

    The £100 for the President since his Death to be disposed of to the Fellows and others, for their pains as the overseers shall direct.

    [Addressed:] To Mr. Treasurer White at Boston.

    [Endorsed:] Harvard Colledge Mar. 7th 1719/20 Mr. Henry Flynt ansd. 19th Ditto.

    Corporation Papers.