186 Concerning Mr. Pennoyer’s Annuity

    Extract of a Letter from Mr. John Loyd junr. to J. W. Dated London January 19th, 1718/19.

    I Discourst Mr. Newman concerning Mr. Pennoyers Annuity, he Told me he had received as far as Michaelmas 1717, and that in a little time he would let me know, how much he would pay me in order for my making Returns. I found by his Discourse that I must not expect the whole of the Two years Annuity now in his hands.

    He was telling me that Some Years agoe he had occasion to employ an Attorney, in order to Recover a Legacy, which was left to Harvard Colledge—which Legacy he did recover and remitted the whole thereof to the Treasurer, in Boston, not keeping any part in his hands, towards gratifying the Attorney (as he and Mr. Dummer had engaged to do) nor himself for his own Trouble therein, relating this affair he Told me, he had wrote Severall Letters, but never could receive any answer and Desired that when I wrote, I would mention it, which I Promised I would.

    College Papers, i. 47 (No. 103). Lloyd was appointed in 1718 an attorney to collect moneys in England for the College. He is writing to John White, Treasurer. Soon after this Messrs. Newman and Evans were “gratified” by the College. See CSM Publications, xvi. 441, 445.