68 Will of Mary Rogers

    [April 28 1669]

    I Mary Rogers of Rowley widow latly the wife of Mr. Ezekiel Rogers but formerly the wife of Thomas Barker of Rowley aforesaid being at Present by the Blessing of God in good health and of a good abillety in body and minde to order that Estate which the Lord in mercy hath given me Do make and ordain this to be my Last will and testament in maner following. First I do comforthably give up my sole into the hands of God through Jesus Christ in whome I do trust that I shall have a joy full Resurection, and I do abhore all the Errors and Blasspheamies that Doe abound in these Dayes against the said resurection, and the holy scripturs. Also for the Disposing and Quiate settling of the blessing of this Life takeing good Notis that my former Husband Thomas Barker Did by his Last will give unto Thomas Lambert the yongest son of Francis Lambert sixty Pounds or one half of His Land then belonging to his Dwelling house in Rowley as the said Mary Rogers shall think meete, I do here by fully Declare and freely gieve and bequeath and Dispose of all that farme and all the houses buildings which my former Husband Thomas Barker Dwelt in and Dyed seazed of unto my said Nephew Thomas Lambert his Heirs and asigns for ever; excepting and Reserving allways the one half of the Thousand Acres of Land in the Land commonly called Rowley village Land which I have already gieven unto Gershom Lambert. Further I Do will and gieve unto my Nephewe Thomas Lambert the warehouse Pasture and also the four acres of Land that I bought of Ezekiel Northend to him and his heirs for ever. And further to Declare my full mind and will upon the Conditions of the full consumating of a marriage between this my said Nephewe Thomas Lambert (intended) and Edna Northend conserning all my estate in Lands with in the bounds of Rowley; I Do will and give them unto the said Thomas Lambert my Nephewe his Heirs and Assigns for ever. Further I will and give out of my moveable Estate unto the Church of Rowley ten pounds. I will also and give unto my Neece Anne Nellson five pounds and half of my wearing Cloaths both wooling and Lyining. I will allso and give unto Prudence Lever ten pounds. I will also and give unto Mary Dresser formerly Mary Leaver four pounds. I will also and give unto Elizebeth Plats the wife of Jonathan Plats my servants bed with bed sheets and all the furniture on it. Also I will and give unto Samuel Brocklebank or his Heirs five pounds. And my will is that all those Leageaces I have given if that I have not paid them before I Dye as I know not but sume of them I may; that what is not acquitted for my Executer shall pay them with in one year after my Death, and the Remainder of my Estate I give unto my Executor Thomas Lambert. And I Doe make my Nephewe Thomas Lambert my solle Executor of this my Last will and Testement and I appoint my Loving friends Ezekiel Northend and Samuel Brocklebank the overseers of this my will. This will signed sealed and Declared soe to be this 28th of Aprill 1669.

    This will sealed signed and Declared by Mary Rogers be fore us witnesses.

    Thomas Spoford

    Timothy Palmmer

    Faith Swan

    Mary Rogers

    This was acknowledged by the said Mary Rogers to be her act and Deed upon the second Day of November 1670 before me Samuel Symons.

    The 24 of December 1670 Recorded in the Third Book of

    Records of Lands for Essex folio 168

    per me Robert Lord Recorder

    Rowley Lands Papers. Mrs. Rogers died in 1678.