4 Dunster’s Agreement with His Farmer

    [September 13 1642]

    Articles agreed upon betwene Henry Dunster the President of Harvard College in Cambridge in New England, on the one side, and Edmund Rise of Sudbury his farmer on the other side as Followeth.

    First, that whereas the said Edmund Rice Doth possesse the farme of Ponds River, and hath received in stocke two oxen of about nine years old, vallued at seventen pound, two foure years old oxen with the Advantage, vallued at foureten pounds, two segs1 vallued at twelve pound, two Buls vallued at ten pounds Sixten shillings, it is agreed that he shall deliver such a valluation in money, or working cattle that will Amount to the full valuation in money, at the end of his terme of six years according to the Date hereof; Although the summe of three and fifty pounds Sixten shillings, shall at that time buy more or lesse such like cattle.

    Item. That the said Edmund shall in Lue of the said working cattell deliver in tilth and Lands Kept arrable Sixty Acres, whereof Twenty shalbe between the ponds, Sufficiently fenced from great and small cattell, and shall deliver from the said Lands, the two first yeares three score bushels of Corne, thirty by the yeare, clenly threshed and winnowed, to the foresaid Henry Dunster at his house in Cambridge, the two following years fifty bushels by the yeare, the two last years one hundred bushels by the yeare, in all the six years thre hundred and thre score bushels, abating at every score one bushell, for the bringing of it to Cambridge, the graines in kind to be delivered in Equall proportions, of marchantable wheate, Indian, and Rie.

    Item. Whereas the said Edmund possesseth Eleven Milch Kine betwene foure and nine yeares old, and foure heiffers of the age of Two yeares old and the vantage, he shall in Lue of them pay in butter yearly, Eleven pound five shillings, being fiften shillings a Cow, at the vallue as butter is bought in Cambridge, or in such considerable pay as both parties shall Agree upon, if the said Edmund should abate one third part of Butter and [. . .]2 at the end of his terme of six years, the said number of Kine and heiffers Equal to those in goodnes and yeares.

    Item. Whereas the said Edmund hath received foureten [hogs] he shall in consideration of them, build a barne of fifty foote Long, Eighten foote wide, twelve foote high of the stud, the Sill being one foote or very neere from of the ground of Sufficient strong and sound Timber, the threshing floare plankt, and all the Appurtenances of dores finished, within the space of three yeares next Ensueing the Date hereof; and leave at the end of his terme a boare, and breeding Sow, at the Age of a yeare and halfe old at the least.

    Item. That the said Edmund Rice shall Sufficiently fence from greate and smal cattle, the great playne betwene the ponds, with foure Railes at least from the great pond to the River with Two Railes at the least, and deliver this and the 563 Rod already made this last yeare past, in good and Sufficient strength and repaire at the end of his terme, and shall with all Free the said Henry Dunster of all Taxes, rates, and high way mendings, and Such like things which the Towne shall impose.

    Item. That there shall an Inventory be made of the name and number of all utensils delivered, and the Iron Chaynes, and plow Irons &c. to be weighed that they may be redelivered at the end of the terme, according to the Inventory here unto to be Annexed; To the performance of all which premises, the aforesaid Edmund Rice with his sonne or some sufficient man shall stand bound in the summe of 150 pound to the foresaid Henry and his Assignes, And that these Articles shall extend to their heyres, Executors and assignes, except hostile Invation utterly disinable their performance. In witnes hereof wee have interchangeably sett our hands, Dated to continue in force for Six yeares from this 13th September, 1642.

    Sealed and Indented and Delivered

    in the presence off

    Richard Harris

    Henry Dunster and a Seale

    Saml. Winthrop

    Veru[m] Exemplar

    Richard Dunster

    Henry Dunster Papers. This document is a seventeenth-century copy of the original Articles.