80 Deed from Thomas Sweetman to Michael Spencer

    [December 10 1677]

    To all Christian People To whom these presents shall come greeting, Thomas Sweetman of Cambridge in the Countie of Middlesex according to an Agreement with Michael Spencer Ship Carpenter of the same towne and Countie as afforsaid and for and in Consideration of a valuable summe in hand paid and the rest secured to be paid to the value of eyghtie pounds sterling have absolutely given granted bargained sould infeoffed and confirmed and by these presents do absolutely give grant bargaine sell infeoffe and confirme one dwelling house barn and orchard now in the possession of the said Thomas Sweetman and scituate in Cambridge together with the wood Lot upon the Rocks and cow commons belonging to it, but no other lands meadow wood or timber now in the possession of the said Thomas Sweetman and also provided that the said Thomas Sweetman hath reserved and doth reserve unto himselfe and for his owne proper use and improvement the whole house barne and orchard with the fruits of said Land meadow gras planting Land and gardens wood Lotts and Cow Commons and what ever els is now belonging to the said house and orchard to be houlden kept and maintained in the possession and improvement of the said Thomas Sweetman during the Terme of his life without any disturbance interruption or molestation in one kind or another to himselfe or wife or familly and also provided that Isabell Sweetman the wife of the said Thomas have and enjoy peaceably the third part of the whole estate sould to Michaell Spencer during her life, and also the said Thomas Sweetman do further covenant and grant to and with the said Michaell Spencer his heires and assignes that it shall and may be lawfull for the said Michaell Spencer with his family from time to time and at all times to have quiett and peacable possession off and habitation within those three Roomes that now they enjoy and have himself repayred for the most part at his owne cost and to have the same garden next the new Colledge and also to have part of the apples in a orderly way according to the years of bearing and to have ingres egres and regres into those three Roomes abovementioned without any Let hindrance or molestation for ever and after the decease of the said Thomas Sweetman to have Reall and full possession of all the premises above mentioned and sold to the said Michaell Spencer to him his heyres and assignes forever, besides that exception made concerning Isabell his wife to have the third part of the whole during hir life with convenient roome for habytation. In witnes whereof I the said Thomas Sweetman have hereunto signed and sealed the 10th of December 1677.

    Sealed and delivered in the presence of these witnesses Daniel Gookin Junior John Bridgham

    Thomas Sweetman

    Cambridge Apr. 8th 16951

    These may certifie those whoever it may concern that this within written deed I do well remember that Thomas Sweetman deceased the subscriber did divers times to me freely own the same to be his Act and deed.

    Tho. Danforth

    May 7 ’95. Entered with the Registry of Deeds lib. 8 page 287.

    per Samll. Phipps, Recorder

    Deeds Papers, Seventeenth Century Series. This land was in the northwest corner of the present College Yard. Spencer, who was Sweetman’s son-in-law, sold the lot to the College in 1697; see Morison, Seventeenth Century, ii. 519, n. 2.