9 Various Grants and Deeds to Harvard College


    D. Grants of Land in Cambridge to Harvard College, 1662–1724

    Lands Layd out on the South Side Charles River, 1662. In the Seventh Division. The Colledge three Acres.

    February 27th 1664 and March the 27th 1665. Granted by the Town these Several Lotts as followeth [. . .]1 The Order of the Lotts and the Number of Acres, together with the interest of each person in the Cow Commons is as followeth.

    Lott 33. Colledge Thirty Acres and three Commons.

    The Order of the Division of the Lotts beyond the Eight Mile Line betwixt that and Concord line with the Number of Acres and Cow Commons belonging to each person, surveyed by Ensigne David Fiske 1683, there being a highway layd out betwixt every Squadron.

    147. Harvard Colledge Twenty Acres three Commons.

    Cambridge 29th 1689.

    A Record of the Lotts granted to the Proprietors of the Commons in the Town of Cambridge and to other inhabitants as are afore mentioned the Said Granted Lotts lying in that part of the Land that was formerly Common, called by the name of Cambridge Rocks.

    In the first division.

    15. The fifteenth Lott was Laid out to Harvard Colledge being twelve Acres Bounded with Thomas Fox South West, with the aforesaid high way South East, with Samuell Cook North Easterly and with Joseph Cook and Nathaniell Hancock Northwest.

    In the Second Division

    36. The Colledge twelve Acres Bounded with Peter Town South Westerly with Ephraim Cutter, John Cooper and John Marret South easterly with Jonathan Remington North Easterly and with Nathaniell Pattin and Edward Winship North Westerly.

    A Record of Lotts of Land Laid out to the Proprietors of the Common Lands in Cambridge and Voted to be Recorded at their publick Meeting the 12th May 1707. Vizt. In the Lower Division.

    On the North Side Menetomy River and at Mills’s Ware.

    66. The Sixty Sixth Lott to Harvard Colledge Seven Acres and an halfe Bounded North easterly with Samuell Cooper, South Westerly with Samuell Andrewe, North westerly with highway and Southerly with Mr. John Whiting.

    77. The Seventy Seventh Lot to Harvard Colledge One Acre three Quarters and twenty Rods Bounded Northwesterly with Samuell Hastings, South Easterly with John Swan, North Easterly with John Holmes and South Westerly with a highway.

    In the upper Division on the East Side the Bridges.

    12. The twelfth Lott to Harvard Colledge Seven Acres and an halfe, Bounded Southerly with John Holmes. Northerly with . . . . . . . . Easterly with . . . . . . . . and Westerly with . . . . . . . .

    A Record of a Division of Land in Cambridge Plotted in March 1724 and Voted that the Lotts be Recorded Accordingly 17 Aprill 1724, which are as follow

    Vizt: in the Lower Division.

    No. 6 To Harvard Colledge One Acre and twenty Seven Rods, Bounded Easterly with Ephraim Frost’s heirs, Westerly with Henry Prentice, Northerly with Henry Prentice and Southerly with the Common . . . .

    58. To Harvard Colledge four Acres and an half and twenty eight Rods Bounded Easterly with the Country Road, South Westerly with a high way, Northerly with Deacon Coolidge and Southerly with Capt. Bordman. Mills’s Ware High way Runs Cross Said Lot.

    [Endorsed:] Records of some of the College Lands in Cambridge, Received from Mr. Andrew Bordman Town Clerk of Cambridge, July 25, 1727.

    Lands Papers, Miscellaneous, i. 10.