19 Concord’s Response to the Appeal for Funds

    [August 22 1653]

    An agreement made and agreed upon by the towne and Church of Concord concerning the Colledge att Cambridge, made Aug. 22, 1653.

    It is agreed by the company of the sayd towne and church, to give yearely the summe of five pounds for the use of the sayd Colledge to be leavyed upon the same towne after the same manner as the other rates are leavyed and to be payd in att or before the last of the moneth of May. The sayd yearely summe of £5 to continue for the space of seven yeares, and then to be either renewed if it shall appeare that it may be improved for good, or otherwise we to be att libertye to doe according to the state of things then being. And for the terme of seven yeares aforesayd, the sayd towne of Concord doth desire that this order may be recorded in the court, and confirmed by the autoritye of the same. In wittness of our consent hereto, we have hereto sett our handes, the day and yeare above written.

    • Peter Bulkeley
    • Thomas Fox
    • Simon Willard
    • Richard [R R] Rice his marke
    • Timothy wheler
    • Thomas Hincksmen
    • Robert Meriam
    • Will busse
    • Thomas [T] Brooks mark
    • John Jones
    • Joseph wheller
    • William Talier
    • Robert Fletcher
    • Thomas Deene
    • Georg wheler
    • Moses wheate
    • William [W] woods mark
    • William Underwood
    • James Hosmer
    • Thomas Stow
    • John Smedly
    • Thomas Brown
    • Thomas wheeler
    • Joseph Mirriam
    • Luke Potter
    • Obadia wheeler
    • Thomas Bateman
    • Thomas Dakeyn
    • George Heaward
    • Henry woodis
    • Joshua Edmands
    • [Column 2]
    • Baptist [O] Smedleyes mark
    • James Blood
    • John Scocthford
    • William Butterick
    • William Hunt
    • Nathaniell Ball
    • Henry Farwell
    • Humphrey Barat
    • Michaell wood
    • George Meriam
    • John Miles

    Corporation Papers. Reproduced in CSM Publications, xii. 234; the introductory paragraph is printed in Morison, Seventeenth Century, i. 29.