169 John Leverett to Stephen Sewall

    Cambridge January 6th 1713/14

    Dear Sir

    Your man Scipio came in Last night, who upon the first Sight Surprized me, fearing least Som of your folk might be not well, but your brandy fetch’d me, though your repeated Obligations chang’d my Surprize. I return you my hearty thanks and wish I could make Som more Suitable return, and you are Sure that I shal Sincerely imbrace all opportunities to Express my Sense of your Generosity.

    My Wife presents her humble Service to yourself and madam Sewall, and prays you to Remember her to Sister Marston,1 brother Marston is at Boston waiting the issue of his affair in Court.

    We shalbe most glad to See you here the latter End of the Week. And hope to have a great deal of pleasure in your Conversation, as we used to have.

    I am just going over to College and fear least Scipio should be impatient to return before I get back. And therefore can add no more at present, but that I am

    Dear Sir

    Your Obliged humble Servant

    J. Leverett

    [Addressed:] To the Worshipfull Major Stephen Sewall, Esq. These present in Salem.

    John Leverett Papers. Stephen Sewall (1657–1725) was a brother to Samuel.