170 President Leverett to Samuel Sewall

    Cambridge July 6, 1714

    Honourable Sir

    I have comply’d with your honours desire in altering the Question you have pleased to scruple; but am sure you are sensible it has bin in the Theses and among the Questions more then once in former times. I have also submitted to your honours direction in sending the corrected copy to your honour. Am sensible of the Trouble, and hope you wil pardon it because ’tis attended with obedience. I ask you prayers for me at all times, especialy at this juncture. With great regards I am

    Your honours

    Most obedient Servant

    J. Leverett

    An essentiae rerum sint Eternae?

    Affirmat Josephus Dorr.

    [Addressed:] For the Honourable Samuel Sewall Esq. These.

    John Leverett Papers. For the A.B. degree students defended Theses, and for the M.A. they answered in the affirmative or negative a Question (Quaestio). Judge Sewall took exception to the Quaestio of Joseph Dorr (A.B. 1711 and M.A. 1714), and on the printed sheet of Quaestiones for 1714 Dorr is assigned a different one. See Sibley, Sketches (Shipton), v. 575.