178 Mr. Evans and the Charity of Edward Hopkins

    Extract of a Letter from Mr. Henry Newman to J.W., Dated Mid. Temple October 3, 1717.

    Mr. Evans the Solicitor in this affair, and first Discoverer of the Concealment of this Charity (vizt: Mr. Hopkin’s) has call’d on me Severall times, to know what orders I have received from the Colledge, for a Present to him, which Mr. Dummer and I, during the Prosecution were obliged to give him hopes of, over and above his fee, in consideration of his extraordinary attendance and charge not allowed of, by the Master in Chancery when he Taxed his Bill of Costs, and which yet Deserved to be Considered.

    We therefore gave him hopes that when the Charity came into the hands of the College, upon our Representing the matter, the Trustees would do what was honourable. He told me of an Instance of Some Alms People, who Presented him with a piece of Plate worth 8 or 10 pounds for rescuing a Charity that had lain dormant some years as this had done.

    College Papers, i. 47 (No. 102). “J.W.” was John White, Treasurer. In 1719 the Corporation suggested that the Trustees “gratify” Mr. Newman and Mr. Evans; see CSM Publications, xvi. 445.