47 Stephen Day’s Testimony

    April 1 1656

    I Steven Day do attest that the paper which Mr. Josse Glover provided to bring over for the Use of the printing presse cost in England £60.00.00, which paper excepting six pounds worth that His wife sould hath been used for printing by Mr. Dunsters order, untill such time as Mr. Dunster sould the presse to the Colledge upon his removall from thence and then he carried away such part of it as did remaine. And as I have ben enformed by the printer it was about 12 Rheams that he so carried away with him. Attested upon oath the 1. (2) 56. by Steven Day.

    Thomas Danforth Recorder

    [On reverse]

    1656 Apr. 1 Co. Court, Camb. Charles Chadwick foreman ref’d to “Bench”—June 24 Charles Chadwick in the name of the rest.

    Henry Dunster Papers. This testimony is given in G. P. Winship, The Cambridge Press, p. 140, as well as in other works relating to the Press.