137 Vote of the Town of Rowley

    [May 26 1704]

    At a legal meeting of the Inhabitants of the Town of Rowley April the fourteenth, seventeen hundred and one, It was agreed and voted That the lands and living that Mr. Rogers left to the Town and Church of Rowley upon their keeping two ministers should be lett this year by the Selectmen of Rowley, and it passed on the affirmative.

    Copia Vera as attest Thomas Lambert Cler[icus]

    At a legal Town Meeting May the twenty sixth seventeen hundred four, whereas the Town hath chosen a Committee to sett Gates1 in both end ox pastures in the Town of Rowley and Complaint being made to us that other Persons do put into both to pasture and claim right thereby, and both Pastures being greatly damnified thereby we the Inhabitants of the Town of Rowley Do at a legal Meeting declare and engage ourselves that we will stand by our former act in seting off the abovesaid Gates and pay all cost that may be expended by any occasion that shall arise by Mr. Philip Fowler of Ipswich or any other Person or Persons that claims any right in either end ox pasture by or under him or any other Attorney for the College; Voted and passed on the affirmative.

    John Stewart, Jonathan Dresser, Samuel Heddon entered their dissents at the same Meeting.

    At the abovesaid Meeting the Town made Choice of the Selectmen of the said Town to manage the Town Case in the Towns behalf against any that shall be Trespassers in either pasture abovementioned.

    Copia Vera as Attest Thomas Lambert Cler[icus]

    A true Copy Examined per Mitchel Sewall Cler[icus]

    A true Copy Examined per Samuel Tyley Cler[icus]

    Rowley Lands Papers.