184 New Gallery for Scholars

    At a Meeting of the Inhabitants of Cambridge Orderly Convened the 1st August 1718. Jonathan Remington Esq. was chosen Moderator.

    Also Voted that a new upper Gallery in our Meeting house over the women (agreeable to the Gallery over the men) be erected and built, Provided the Corporation of Harvard Colledge be at the charge of the same, which the Reverend Mr. President Leverett on behalf of the Colledge offered to do, the whole of the Gallery on the South Side of our Meeting house being then Resigned for the use of the Schollars excepting the two wings of the front seat which are to be improved by the Town till such time as the Schollars have occasion for the same and no longer.

    This Record I received of Mr. Andrew Bordman Town Clerk May 24th 1720.

    Corporation Papers. For arrangements as to galleries, proposed by the Corporation to the First Church in 1717, see CSM Publications, xvi. 437.