187 Thomas Hollis Makes a Gift to Harvard

    [February–July 1719]

    A. Thomas Hollis to Increase Mather

    [London, March 2 1718/19]

    To Mr. Increase Mather formerly President of Havord Colledg in New England—or to the Gentleman who is now President thereof.

    Deare Sir

    When you was at London, you may remember I gave to your Son that was at my Shop in the Minoris a Minute out of my Unkle Robert Thorners Will of a future bequest that he ordred should be paid to your Colledg and left me one of his Trustees. That Legacy is yet many Years distant. Perhaps you may remember I told you, possibly you might hear from me sooner.

    I could now no longer forbear executing that thought which was and is to devote One hundred pounds sterling to the use of pious young Students for the Ministry instructed in your Colledg.

    I have therefore consulted with Mr. Gilbert now going to Boston, what goods to invest the said sum of moneys in for best improvement of the said Charity and have shipt on bord the Patience and Judith—Captain John Osborn now reddy to saile for Boston.

    12 casks Nales—No. TH 1. a


    £ 73. 12. 7

    1 cask cutlery wares


    £ 30. 12. 0

    the whole amounting by Invoyce unto

    £ 104. 4. 7

    consigned to the said Mr. John Gilbert and Comp. who tells me he promises to be very easy in the charges.

    And I give him orders to pay the full nett produce of the same—frait and all charges deducted, unto you—or to the President of the Colledg as shal be then alive, desiring of you or him to receive of Mr. Gilbert his account and the produce and pay again for the said Purposes in such manner as you may judge will best answer my Christian design.

    I due intreat you Sir in particular if your Age will permit to have a supervisal and direction in the Distribution.

    And that you or him or some one by your order, will favour me in convenient time, with an answer, and account how you dispose of it, and to whom—and that it may be entred in the Colledg Register—mentioning the sum it shall produce—and prime cost in England—with whose gift it is and for what use.

    Desiring earnestly that the Lord the Spirit may abundantly furnish many among you with Gifts and Grace to be useful Instruments in his hand for the propogating the Gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, not onely in New England but in other of our Colonies in America—where I am told—Gospel Ministers are very much wanted.

    My Christian Salutations to you and yours and the Reverend Minister or others as may be concerned in this affaire

    Your very Loving freind

    Thomas Hollis

    Deare Sir

    I desier your Prayer for me and my family that we may be found faithfull to Death.

    March 12

    Inclosed is Invoyce of the Cargos—and Mr. John Gilberts obligation with my order to pay you the produce.

    Tho. Hollis

    [Addressed:] For the Reverend Mr. Increase Mather or the President in time being of the Colledg neare Boston New England.

    Hollis-Leverett ms, Houghton Library. This is the first of Hollis’s many gifts to the College.