94 Disposal of College Income

    December 9 1686

    Whereas the Moneyes and other Estate belonging to Harvard Colledge in Cambridge, has bin by us committed to the care and management of John Richards Esq. for the benefit of the Said Colledge, It is ordered that the Produce thereof, Shall, for this Year 1686, bee disposed of as followeth

    1. 1. There Shall bee allowed to the present Rector of the Colledge as Some acknowledgment of the Services which hee has done for that Society, the remaynder of the Income not disposed underneath.1
    2. 2. The present Tutors Mr. John Leverett and Mr. William Brattle shall for this Year beginning at the Last Commencement bee allowed each of them £40, besides what shall bee due to them from their Several Pupils.
    3. 3. The Scholars of the House (for this Year) Shall bee Sir Gibbs, Rogers, Mitchel, and Dudley,2 who Shall bee allowed each of them at least £5. Syr Gibbs pension to bee paid out of Mr. Webbs legacy, and Rogers out of Captain Keins3 Legacy.
    4. 4. Major Richards Shall bee allowed for his Care in improveing the Colledge Stock, after the Proportion of £1 for £100.

    J. Dudley

    William Stoughton

    College Papers, i. 13 (No. 29). Written across the top of this seventeenthcentury document is the following note, which is attributed to Professor McKean: “This is published in Hutchinson’s History, Chap. 1, 1650, note to p. 159, Vol. 1 [3 ed. Salem 1795.]” Joseph Dudley was President of the Council of New England at this time, and William Stoughton, Deputy President. The signatures are originals.