164 Extracts from Wills and Gifts, for Entry in Donations Book



    A Clause of the Will of Thomas Bratle1 Esq. of Boston

    Dated Jan. 1, 1712 a True Copy Paul Dudley Register

    Item I give and bequeath unto Harvard Colledg in Cambridge in New England Two hundred pounds to be Layd out in a purchase or otherwise improved on very good security toward the maintenance of some Master of Arts there and Especially of such a One as is best skilled in the Mathematicks and shal by all proper Methods Endeavour the improvement thereof as by reading and working the same and making Observations and communicating them to the Learned abroad as in some measure I have done, respect and preference being evermore given to such as are or shal be akin by blood unto mee above and before all others. Compared per Henry Flynt.


    It appears by a Letter to Dr. Increase Mather or the present President of the Colledg from Mr. Thomas Hollis2 Merchant in London Dated March 2 1719/20 That the said Mr. Thomas Hollis Gave and sent over to Harvard Colledge in N. England Merchantable Goods to the Value of £104–4–7d Sterling Concerning which Gift The Generous Donor thus expresseth himself in his said Letter Viz That my thought is to Devote £100 Sterling to the use of pious Young Students for the Ministry instructed in your Colledg. I desire it may be entred in the Colledg Registry mentioning the Sum it shal produce and prime Cost here in England with whose Gift it is and for what. The Neat Produce here was £296.16s.d delivered per Mr. Cradock Merchant to the Treasurer of the Colledge. Transcribed out of Mr. Hollis’s Letter March 25th 1720 per Henry Flynt.


    I give to the Reverend President and Fellows of Harvard College in Cambridge in New England to be paid into the College treasury for the use of said College £250 . . . with this Provision and in expectation and confidence that said President and Fellows and whosoever shall succeed or come in their stead and room for the improvement and use of said Money Do, will and shall take effectual care forever that £15 annually be disposed of to one or more of the Students at the discretion and pleasure of said President and Fellows, Unless said Student or Students be nominated and appointed by some of my kindred Related to me by Blood. A Clause of the Will of the Reverend Mr. William Brattle3 transcribed at my desire per Mr. Andrew Bordman.


    At a Meeting of the Gentlemen appointed by the Honourable Major John Walley Esq.4 to Approve of the Yong men that may receive the benifit of one hundred pounds [mentioned?] in his Last Will and Testament to be given to two Hopefull Yong men towards their Education for the Ministry from their taking their first degree unto their taking their Second degree which meeting was held at the House Mr. Joseph Sewal 1722.

    Agreed and Voted That Sir Chauncey5 and Sir Pemberton6 two hopefull Yong men devoted to the Service of the Ministry are approved of to take the benifit of the Honourable Major Walleys Legacy at the Rates which he has Order’d in his Last Will and Testament and that the President give an order for the payment thereof accordingly to the Treasurer of Harvard College.

    Wills, Gifts and Grants, 9. Henry Flynt appears to have drawn up most of these memos for entry in the Donations Book. Nos. A and B (Thomas Brattle and Thomas Hollis) are on the same sheet; Nos. C (William Brattle) and D (John Walley) are separate. Two copies of “A Paragraph in the Will of John Walley” are also to be found, but since it is also in No. 8 preceding, they have been omitted here.