213 Thomas Hollis to Benjamin Colman

    London Aug. 1, 1720

    Deare Sir

    I received your [. . .] of June 3d and packet of books by Captain Chadder [. . .] you thanks for them. The said Captain informs [. . .] of Capt. Grosse before he came away, in which [. . .] and Mr. J. Tyler sailed, so that I count my 4 advent [ures] are all safe arived, which I bles God for. And doubt not [. . .] will performe the Commissions I gave him hon[. . .] pay the produce to your College Tresurer which sums [. . .] may be placed out at Interest the produce of [. . .] designed as I formerly mentioned for incoragement of poor pious Students for the Ministry. And I yet continue to think Ten pounds a year to be a proper sum to be allotted for one man for 2 or 3 or 4 years according to his Age and capacity, unles I should be advised by you and the Corporation to increase the sum hereafter and lessen the number. I am not yet determined in the matter because I want fuller information, and not yet resolved in my mind, how much I shall consigne over living and dying, but give you a Scetch of my Mind for so much as you have alredy in possession.

    I propose while living to have the nomination of the Students my self, and after my decease to be made by the Governors of the Corporation or College or the majority of them at their usual meeting for the affairs of the College, and a register to be kept of their names, Times of entrance, and when finisht their studys, the time of exit, to make way for another.

    I desire advice if I should apoint a Sum for your Tresurer and what for his care in receiving and paying and keeping my account in a distinct article.

    As to Dr. C. Mather’s Son,1 you nominate for one Student to receive my donation—you have not told me his age but I suppose it may require Three years more for perfecting his studys, he having been now one year alredy. I am willing he should be the first entred on my Roll and that he should have £10 a [year] out of the Interest to arise out of the produce of [. . .]

    I do also nominate [. . .] of Josiah Dennis2 to be the second upon your [. . .] and the Character you give of him to be entred [. . .] July 1721 for three yeares at £10 per Annum [. . .].

    I do also nominate [. . .] of John Callender3 for a third on the testimony [. . .] of Elisha Callender has sent me—he being [. . .] in your College I supose 3 years more will [qualify] him and fitt him for publick Servise, and so soon as moneys enter by Interest to inable your Tresurer to pay, I do apoint him £10 per annum. And if there be need of his continuing longer (I not knowing his Age) I shal desire advice and shal readily come into it.

    I have writ breifly to your President, and referd therein to this letter, for fuller explication.

    I now write also to Mr. Tyler to send me more orders for goods. If I should resolve to augment my Gift which I have thoughts of according to the success I shal heare of my adventures I intrusted him with for the College use, of which I am not in doubt but wil be well by the character you gave me of the man, though he was a Stranger to me, he exprest affection to, and reddines to serve the College. It may not be amis for you to talk with him of the affaire, and let me have your farther thoughts thereon.

    I aprove and am pleased with the distribution of my Chest of Books, which I hope may be of use for the information and consolation of some persons. I conclude desiring your prayers that I may be kept humble honest and sinceere to the end of my race through the prevailing Intercession of my glorified Redeemer.

    Deare Sir

    Your very Loving freind

    Thomas Hollis

    By4 what you have [. . .] to one or another you know my Faith and [. . .] adult Baptism agreing with your pious wish [. . .] terms of Comunion and terms of Salvation may [. . .] is it practised in the church [. . .] am related to [. . .] hall under the care of Mr. Jeremiah Hunt [. . .] slender and his Church my acquaintance [. . .] very young—and cheifly owing to Mr. Neale’s [History of] England—so is it also as to the late aug [. . .] my Gift to your College, till now I am farther [. . .] by your and Dr. I. Mather and Mr. Presidents L[etters to] me.

    I shal take plesure recomending the catholick Comunion of Saints on all proper occasions, and doe love them that showe by their works they Love Christ Jesus, while I beare with others who are sinceer in their more Confined charity, as I would they should beare with me in my more inlarged. We search after truth, we yet see but in part, happy the man who reduces his notions in a constant traine of practice. Our great Lord and High Preist bears much and long with every one of us, I expect a better state—perfectly happy—to be brought to it, consumated in it, by him who is about to subdue all things to himself. Charity is the grace that now adorns us and prepares us for Glory; may it alwayes abide in your breast and mine and growe more and more.


    [Endorsed:] No. 2, received Oct. 20.

    Hollis Letters and Papers, p. 8. A tear, extending through the three pages of the letter, accounts for the gaps. The name of the person addressed, Benjamin Colman, appears at the bottom of the first page.