98 Petition of John Leverett and William Brattle Regarding Salaries

    [June 2 1690]

    Proposalls by John Leverett and William Brattle Fellows of Harvard Colledge tendred to the Consideration of the Honoured Corporation meeting at Harvard Colledge in Cambridge June 2d 1690.

    1. 1. That by the President and Council, the Reverend Mr. I. Mather &c. Anno 1686, there was allowed to us, besides the Ferry, the Sume of Fifty-eight pounds for that year, which Sume of £58 we Fully received and were as fully Satisfied with, although the said Sume was Considerably Less then had been allowed to the Fellows, Circumstanced as we were, Since our Remembrance.
    2. 2. That for the Years 1687, 88, and 89 (now Expiring) besides the Ferry we have not received one Penny.
    3. 3. That for these three last Years our Expences have necessariely been as great, our Difficulties more Intricate, and our Service more Burthensome then they were Anno 86, Especially these two last Years, by Reason of the Reverend Mr. Mather’s Absence, whose presence very much Mitigated our Difficulties, and Alleviated our trouble and toyle.
    4. 4. The Premises being Considered, Viz: That £58 were allowed to us June 1686; That the said Sum was Considerably less then has been allowed heretofore to the Fellows under our Circumstances, and That our Expences, trouble and difficulties have exceeded what before we met with; (In Consideration hereof) We Conceive; that In desireing the said Sume of £58 be annually allowed and paid us for the 3 last Years, our Desires are but Reasonable, just and moderate; and That if [we?] desire the Addition of the odd twenty shillings to make our annuall allowance (severally) thirty pounds, we should not be unreasonable or immoderate; Especially it being Considered, that whereas formerly there was wont annually to be disbursed upon the Colledge for Reparations, paying Officers and Schollarships more then 40 or 50 pounds annually; for near these three Years last past the Colledge has not drawn one penny out of the Treasury.

    We have plainly and fully exprest our Minds, and according to our desires has our Expectation been; Nothing remains but that we annex our Hearty Thanks for this meeting, and Readieness to submitt to your Determinations.

    In answer to the Proposalls above the Corporation for the Colledge mett June 16 1690 at Cambridge (Present Mr. Nehemiah Hubbard, Mr. Nathaniel Gookin, Mr. Cotton Mather, Mr. John Leverett and Mr. William Brattle, with my selfe1) agreed that the two Fellowes Mr. Leverett and Mr. Brattle abovesaid should have £50 per Annum for the yeares 87, 88, and 89 paid them out of Colledge money beside the Ferry—So as may not be prejudiciall to the Colledge Stock. Those 3 years Expired att the Commencement, viz July 1690 or August 1st 1690.

    Corporation Papers. The income from the Charlestown Ferry was settled on the Tutors in 1686. For references to these payments see CSM Publications, xvi. 827–829. The document contains a few words crossed out. Leverett (A.B. 1680) later became President, and will be met with frequently in this volume. William Brattle (also A.B. 1680) became Minister in Cambridge; he succeeded his brother, Thomas, as Treasurer in 1713.