52 Sarah Bucknam’s Testimony

    [May 8 1656]

    Sara Bucknam1 somtime servant to Mr. Josse Glover and to Mrs. Glover after her husbands decease, Testifieth.

    That Mrs. Glover (being as she supposeth exigented for monie to answer her occasions, having a numerous family consisting of five men servants, fowre mayd servants etc.) did borrow of her the sum of fourtie pounds, which she received of Mr. Chidley to repay in cashe and other things in which shee had a heifer and a featherbed etc. The sayd Sara Allso Testifleth that during her service the plate being in her custodie and her Mistres somtimes having the key and after returning it to her agayne that she missed half a dozen of silvar trencher-plates which she made known to her mistres, who answered her that she shold not be accountable for them; The sayd Sara Allso Testifieth that her Mistres gave unto Mr. Rodgers A wine cupp. As for the rest of the plate she knows not how or where it hath since been disposed, onely she hath heard that A Chaffindish was sent to England on some occasion and some disposed to the children. The sayd Sara Allso Testifieth that while shee was with her Mistres there was a great trunk full of new linen sheets and other which were never made use of save once one payr of sheets with a good quantitie of new hollan unwrought and that it was thus conditioned and kept in the sayd trunk and so left and by her delivered or yielded up to her Mistres on her Order.

    The sayd Sara Allso Testifieth that Katherin Taylor (who went to live with Mrs. Glover About three months before she married with Mr. Dunster) told her that when she went to Mrs. Glover’s there was nothing in that Trunk but old things and things of small value.

    Taken upon Oath the 8 of the 3d mo. 1656 before mee

    Joseph Hills, Comissioner.

    Henry Dunster Papers.