207 Bond of Oliver Peabody

    [May 4 1720]

    Know all men by these presents, that we Oliver Peabody Student of Harvard College in Cambridge in the County of Middlesex within his Majesties Province of the Massachusets Bay in New-England, and Stephen Peabody of Boxford in the County of Essex in the Province aforesaid Yeoman, are holden, and stand firmly bound, and obliged unto Mr. John White of Boston Treasurer of Harvard College aforesaid in the full, and compleat sum of two hundred pounds Lawfull money of New-England to be payd unto the said John White Treasurer as aforesaid or to his Successors in said office and Trust unto the which payment well and faithfully to be made unto the said John White Treasurer of Harvard College or to his Successors, we bind ourselves our Heirs Executors and Administrators, jointly and severally in and for the whole firmly by these presents sealed with our seal and dated this fourth day of May Anno Domini one thousand seven hundred and twenty, Annoque R.R. Georgii nunc Magno Britanio &c. sexto.

    The Condition of this obligation is such that whereas the President and Fellows of Harvard College, have in and by their Vote att their Meeting on the sixteenth of November 1719, granted out of the Donation of the Honourable Mr. Boyle one Moiety of £45, Sterling with the currant Exchange for one Year beginning from the Commencement Last past to Encourage the said Oliver Peabody to Qualifie himself to preach the Gospel among the Indians, and to devote himself to that service, provided that he continuing his inclination so to do, and give proper security to Refund said Money to the Treasurer of the College, in case he should afterwards divert from the Indian service aforesaid. Now if the said Oliver Peabody shall and do continue and abide in the said Indian service or upon his diverting from the said service shall faithfull refund the sum and summs of money that he shall and doth recieve of the Treasurer of the College aforesaid, of the Donation aforesaid unto the said Treasurer upon Demand, or if he be taken away by death, then the above obligation shall be void and of none Effect, otherwise to be, abide and remain in full force and virtue.

    Sealed and Delivered in the presence of

    Covey Morgans

    Oliver Peabody

    Abiel Peabody

    Stephen Peabody

    Corporation Papers. Oliver Peabody (A.B. 1721). There is in the same collection a later bond, dated April 23, 1723, in which Peabody stood bound for £100, in return for a grant of £50 from the President and Fellows, provided he serve the Indians at Natick. The success of this ministry is recorded in Sibley, Sketches (Shipton), vi. 529–534.