107 Vote of the Commissioners for Propagating the Gospel Among the Indians

    [September 19 1695]

    At a Meeting of the Commissioners for propagating the Gospell amongst the Indians.

    Whereas the President and Fellows of the Colledge in Cambridge have proposed and desired that the Bricks belonging to the Indian Colledge which is gone to decay and become altogether useless, may be removed and used for an additional building to Harvard Colledge, wee do hereby signify to the Corporation our Consent to their proposal, provided that in case any Indians should hereafter be sent to the Colledge, they shall enjoy their studyes rent free in sayd building. This dated at Boston.

    Wm. Stoughton

    Wait Winthrop

    Increase Mather

    Charles Morton

    Gabriel Bernon

    College Papers, i. 19 (No. 45). The heading and the text of the vote are in Increase Mather’s handwriting. The signatures are originals. See CSM Publications, xv. 352, where this is printed, but without all the signatures. Bernon was a Huguenot.