58 Court Order

    [June 24 1656]

    Wheras their have beene some actiones and sutes of debt and review in this Court betwene John Glover Gentleman and Henry Dunster, his father in law and guardian concerning the estate under his management belonging to the said John Glover by the will of his father, Josse Glover, deceased, which has ocasioned much trouble to the courts. The premises considered, and the parties consenting to issue the whole case included in the former actions and judgments to the determination of the Court. The Court having taken paines to examine all matters particularly in reference to the whole case do find the estate of Jose Glover is creditor 1447:09:09* and the estate is also justly debitor 1330:01:07 the particulars wherof is expressed in an account hereunto anexed.[.] The Court finds therfore for John Glover £117:08:2 due from Henry Dunster according to the account leaving some debts particular expressed in the account to the valew of 57:11:4 to be further cleared by the said Henry Dunster before any credit be given to him.

    [Endorsed:] The Court order between Mr. Glover v. Mr. Dunster 24 (4) 1656.

    Henry Dunster Papers. This is the second portion of the Court order; printed, with variations, in I. Thomas, The History of Printing in America (1874 edition), i. 385–386. There is a column of figures at the top of the sheet, and there are many words crossed out and written over.