46 Acknowledged in Court by Mr. Henry Dunster

    Aprill 1, 1656

    Acknowledged in Court by Mr. Henry Dunster

    That he had given in an Inventory or account of the estate then in Question to Mr. Hibbines, and Mr. Lowell,1 and that it was a true and full account of the said estate.

    That he had not given in any Cattologue of the Bookes.

    That the presse was vallued at £20 by Mr. Winslow.

    That he sould the house to John Founell2 for thirty pounds which house apperteined to the estate.

    That he conceiveth he had two hundred and £20 of Theodore Adkins, for the house he sould him at Boston which house was part of Mrs. Glovers estate.

    That he had taken a house at Hingham for Payntres debt of £15 due to the estate, and sold the house againe.

    That he had a watch in Court, which he shewed, that was Mrs. Glovers.

    That he had a Silver Tankard of John Glovers now in house and some napkins that were not Inventoried which apperteined to the estate.

    That he had the tipt Jug, and plate in the College which was part of that estate.

    That Mr. Harris Legacy of £40 was due to be payed to John Glover and that he had already payed it.

    That he bought the oxen he sould old Bowers of Mr. Quaitmore.

    That he never had or saw the Clocke that Mr. Day gave in testimony about, and that therein he spake seriously and truly, for Mr. Dayes soules good.

    That he will never give an account of the estate except the Court will owne him (with the other Gentleman that Joyned with him) to be (a Committee) impowered by the Court.

    That he had the Bason and Ewre of Silver, and that his wife gave them unto him, and the Maudling Cup.

    That the farme at Sudbury wherein Goodman Rice now dwelleth, (and was the gift of the Court to Mrs. Glover) belongeth unto John Glover.

    This was read in open Court by the Governour.

    Thomas Danforth Recorder

    Henry Dunster Papers. Many of these items reappear in later documents relating to the case.